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MahJong Suite is a wonderful game! I can't rate it highly enough. It's a joy to play and I love the graphics and all the choices to make it your own game. I would give it ten out of five stars!"
- Norma Barta, U.S.

I have fun to play. Many possibilities are given of very good and different things. Now I learn to look first for the higher stones, that I can win more and more. It is a pleasure to make a break and play."
- Maria Luise Damrath, Germany

A great game. At my age I need something to keep my brain active :) MahJong Suite fits in nicely. The colors in the game are outstanding. This game is outstanding. Many thanks to the team who developed MahJong Suite."
- John Grant, Australia

Great games with lots of variations in complexity. Suitable for all ages and helps with all normal skills."
- Roy Eaton, Great Britain

I enjoy MahJong Suite. I do not win most of the time, but the challenge of matching as many pieces as I can helps keep my interest. There are so many variations in tiles to use and formats to arrange them in that you could play a long time without repeating any previous game."
- Ronald Rideout, U.S.

I'm getting addicted to MahJong Suite. As soon as I open up my computer the first thing I do is play a game of MahJong. Keeps the mind active and starts off my day."
- Dennis Wall, United Kingdom

I love playing MahJong, especially the rings program. It makes your mind think and grow stronger. It also relaxes you from the stress of every day, especially in this pandemic."
- Helen Horwood, Australia

Many thanks for your prompt attention. Everything now working OK, including the Graphics Pack. Yours is the best Mahjong software I have played and that includes a wide variety of others. Once again many thanks."
- Peter John Cunnane, Great Britain

I love tile matching games and have been doing puzzles of all kinds for most of my life. I believe it keeps my brain working fairly well. Thank you for making MahJong Suite!"
- Deborah Greiner, U.S.

Thank you so much!!! Success!!!! I appreciate your patience and persistence!!! It's customer service like this that keeps people coming back for more!!! Thanks again!!!"
- Richelle McCarey, U.S.

I LOVE MahJong Suite! This game provides a selection of features and choices that have to be seen to be believed!
Hope you have lots of free time because this version of MahJong is highly addictive!"
- Kathleen Gall, U.S.

The new upgrade of MahJong Suite is really pretty and of course fun :-) I love games and I just adore having MahJong Suite for me to pass the time."
- Sue Zillman, U.S.

Many thanks for sending me the Graphics pack for MahJong Suite. I have installed it correctly. Just to say I am very pleased with the quality of the support I have received and I am more than happy with the software package."
- Carroll, Ireland

I must take this opportunity to say that I LOVE my MahJong and would be totally lost without it. You are helping me to keep the brain active as well as giving me hours of frustrating pleasure. I have been using your MahJong Suite for years and haven't found a better one ANYWHERE on the net."
- Elizabeth Wall, Great Britain

You are awesome. Great customer service!!! I feel like your company cares about people. I love MahJong Suite."
- Jan Saur, U.S.

It's a real pleasure to play MahJong Suite and it's a real pleasure to have an answer from you to resolve my problem so fast. Thanks a lot."
- Evelyne Lecot, France

Thank you very much: download and activation was successful. I do not have any other games on my PC and I am hooked on MahJong Suite. Thanks once again."
- Ken Wheeler - Great Britain

I have downloaded MahJong Suite that I purchased and am now playing this wonderful game. Thanx for all your help."
- Virginia Orru, U.S.

I've had MahJong Suite on my computer since 2006 and I've never had cause for complaint. I'm sure there aren't many other computer program companies that applies to. So Thank You All!"
- Liz Bradbury, United Kingdom

MahJong Suite is very enjoyable and I love the variety it offers. A fun way to pass time. MahJong Suite is of great quality and well worth the modest cost."
- Jacqueline Swanson, U.S.

Everything is working great and everything looks great. Looking forward to many enjoyable hours with MahJong Suite!"
- Carolyn & Robert Parrish, U.S.

Thank you, I appreciate your superb and fast response and help. You all are what the rest of the support world should be."
— Stephen Hendrickx, U.S.

I had a problem activating my new Mahjong Suite, so I wrote back to support, Got activation code, complete instructions in less than 6 minutes. I then re-downloaded, re-installed.. and activated in under 5 minutes. The BEST and fastest support team, bar none! Love playing the game, a great stress reliever. I especially like the "flower tiles"... too pretty. Thanks!"
— Judith DeVos, U.S.

PLEASE please, do not ever stop creating your site and or games (MahJong Suite). They are the best from a creative viewpoint, aesthetically pleasing, and so easy to learn the games. VERY fun and very exciting! I love them all and thank you."
— Karen Farley, U.S.

Thank you for all your help. MahJong Suite is one of my favorite MahJong games of all time. The Windows version is too easy and boring. Your version is perfect to keep my mind challenged..."
— Daniel Imbs, U.S.

I upgraded my MahJong Suite game today that I purchased from you some time ago, and this is so awesome and it absolutely astonished me. I love mahjong games but yours are the most awesome games I have ever played whether online or on my table. Nobody does mahjong like MahJong Suite. Many thanks. I fell in love with MahJong Suite about 8 years ago and haven't stopped playing it YET. The Mahjong Suite gets ahold of me and I just cannot break away from it... but I don't really try very hard. What an absolutely awesome game mahjong is to play but there are no mahjong games "out there" that are as beautiful as all of yours are. Thanks again for this note, I just LOVE it."
— Ri Alexander, U.S.

Thank you so much for MahJong Suite and for the solution that was not only easy, it worked the first time! I greatly appreciate it."
— Diana Wilson-Knapp, U.S.

Thank you so much for replying so quickly! I was able to activate my version, yay! :) It's amazing how much of a stress-reliever MahJong Suite is and it wasn't until I couldn't play it that I realized just how much I love the game, so thank you for my sanity-saver back :)"
— Karen Erikson, U.S.

I'm here to tell you I only play the "hardest 50" layouts of MahJong Suite and if/when I come across one I don't win, I will play it till I DO... and that is the challenge I set for myself. LIFE WOULD NOT BE THE SAME WITHOUT MY GAMES ---- DAILY PLAYER."
— Dorothy Schurr, U.S.

Thank you very much - I reinstalled MahJong Suite and everything is fine - I love the new backgrounds and tiles."
— Francine Lortie, Canada

I have downloaded and updated the MahJong Suite and the graphics are absolutely beautiful. This is a very nicely designed MahJong game (and I have purchased others) and I'm sure I'll enjoy it for a long time."
— Marjorie Cunningham, U.S.

I have ordered MahJong Suite. I would like to praise you on the way you have always been prompt and helpful in answering all my questions to you. The way you have done this makes me believe your Company is safe and secure. Thanks again for your past help and I will certainly recommend you to all who are interested."
— Elaine Murphy, Australia

Once again you've "rode to my rescue"! I am "puzzled" (pun not intended) about the web-site's downloading instructions I mentioned in the previous message... but will just depend upon and thank you for your patience and kind consideration. I do want to emphasize that 'TREECARDGAMES' customer responses, to me, have been without compare over the years. I have SolSuite Solitaire, Sudoku Up, and Mahjong Suite. Thanks again."
— Ron Parsons, U.S.

I've upgraded to the latest version without any problems, very smooth indeed! I'm willing to bet that there's a bunch of very good programmers on your side... Hopefully you'll be offering more puzzles soon... I'm a new Mahjong Suite addict and it's serious! All your fault, by the way! All the very best."
— Anna Rotenberg, Brazil

Thank you from one grateful Brit. Everything up and running now. I reckon I have been very lucky. My compliments to all at 'TreeCardGames' for a superb example of good customer care."
— Keith Wise, Great Britain

Thank you so much! Your directions worked perfectly! I love your MahJong Suite and am so happy to have it on my computer!"
— Nancy Rosa, U.S.

It comes as a pleasant surprise, and a change, to have a question answered so quickly and efficiently, most web-sites don't seem to bother to answer at all; and if they do it's normally after about a month. I have MahJong Suite on my p.c., and thoroughly enjoy playing it. I quite often lose track of the time, and find I'm still here engrossed in a game when I should have been in bed hours ago!"
— Rosie Green, Ireland

Thank you very much for helping me to get my MahJong Suite up and running again. I would also like to say that in all the years I have been with you and all the help I have asked you for, you have never ever let me down. I cannot thank you enough. Thanks again."
— Daphne Bradley, Great Britain

I enjoyed your game so much that after 5 minutes, I decided to purchase it! Ended up installing MahJong Suite on my bigger laptop since its always on the go. Everything plays as it should, and its the most addictive version of MahJong I have ever played! Thanks again!"
— Jason Carver, U.S.

I love the new interfacing. The game (MahJong Suite) is much more fun. And the different tiles, and backgrounds... I am very happy with the game. One of the best game I have ever played."
— Julaine Mallery, U.S.

Without a doubt one of the most helpful sites. Thanks for the quick service and the easy instructions to follow. I will certainly feel confident to buy more from you in the future! Work well done deserves to be rewarded."
— Nicole Fedirchuk, Canada

Hi this is Ann. I bought your MahJong Suite only about 2 hours ago and I just wanted you to know I love it. I'm a Mahjong addict. Could you put my email address on your mailing list for any future news and new items that you may bring out. Thank You. Yours gratefully."
— Ann Sawyers, U.K.

I certainly thank you for the speedy response!! Your program (MahJong Suite) has provided us with many hours of happiness. We like the program also to help with concentration and relaxation."
— Stanley E. Koehler, U.S.

Thank you, again! MahJong Suite is such a great game... I unwind with it every day! Life is sunny again! LOL!!!"
— Catherine Keller, U.S

I just want to let you know that I am 100% happy about my purchase of the MahJong Suite. Ample options and very sharp graphics -- actually the best by far of any other similar games out there. Great value that stands above the rest. Keep up the good work."
— Laurent Grenier, Canada

Thank you so much for helping me to fix my MahJong game. Thank you for all of your time and assistance. It is nice to know that you are there for your customers; we'd be lost without you; so pat yourselves on the back for another job well done. You easily took a frazzled customer and fixed the problem. I have no further problems or concerns at this time. A truly satisfied customer."
— Lori A. Nelson, U.S.

So far, you are the only Mahjong game that anyone can make up their own tile set. I think that's wonderful, because all the other games you have programmed, making up you own makes it more personal. You are a 10 on my list of playing mahjong!"
— Sandra Brown, U.S.

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