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"Flow View" option


A new "Flow View" option for selecting the games has been added to the Select a Game dialog box.

In the "Flow View" mode, the layouts are displayed in an horizontal gallery of thumbnails and can be scrolled by using the scroll bar at the bottom. The list in the left area will allow you to filter the games by various criteria, such as MahJong only, Matching only, Favorites, Not yet Played, Customized, etc.

The new "Flow View" mode can be used by clicking the "Flow View" button in the top right of the Select a Game dialog box.


Play Mahjong Solitaire Games!


Play traditional MahJong-type games with classical MahJong tile sets and millions of possible combinations!

Modern Tile SetClassic Tile Set

MahJong Suite - Standard Screenshot


Play Matching Games!


Play matching-type games with funny tile sets.

Amazing Places Tile SetEmoticons Tile Set
Flowers and Sky Tile SetLetters and Numbers Tile Set

MahJong Suite - Frame Screenshot

Very Beautiful Additional Tile Sets


Buy MahJong Suite and you'll get MahJong Suite Graphics Pack for free! MahJong Suite Graphics Pack contains a collection of very beautiful Tile Sets and backgrounds to use with MahJong Suite.

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Dogs Tile Set




A theme is a set of graphic elements consisting in a background and a tile set. Several beautiful themes are included in MahJong Suite.

Click here to view all the Themes

MahJong Suite 2019 - Chinese Gate theme


Unique Scoring System and Statistics


Enter Hi-Scores and manage your Statistics. Play to reach the Hi-Score for every layout and manage games won, with 3D Graphics.


Play MahJong Suite with the Entire Family or Friends


Create an unlimited number of Players so that you can challenge your friends to beat one another's Hi-Scores, Games won, Score Statistics.


Advanced Features


MahJong Suite features a lot of options such as: "Show a legal move" command;  Complete Statistics with 3D Graphics; Layout Manager; Customize Tile Sets and Backgrounds; unlimited levels of the undo/redo; ability to save, load and restart games; high-quality on-line help; select a game number; select your favorite games; associate sound effects and much more!

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