MahJong Suite

MahJong Solitaire Games Suite
With its unique statistics system.
Play to get the highest score!

From the makers of SolSuite
the World's #1 downloaded Solitaire game!

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Themes of MahJong Suite

MahJong Suite - Amazing Places theme
Amazing Places
MahJong Suite - Antique Chinese Paper theme
Antique Chinese Paper
MahJong Suite - Bamboo Floor theme
Bamboo Floor
MahJong Suite - Bamboo Frame theme
Bamboo Frame
MahJong Suite - Beautiful Scenery theme
Beautiful Scenery
MahJong Suite - Butterflies theme
MahJong Suite - Chinese Fortress theme
Chinese Fortress
MahJong Suite - Chinese Gate theme
Chinese Gate
MahJong Suite - Emoticons theme
MahJong Suite - Flowers theme
MahJong Suite - Green Bamboo theme
Green Bamboo
MahJong Suite - Grunge Arabesque theme
Grunge Arabesque
MahJong Suite - Kittens theme
MahJong Suite - Outdoor Dogs theme
Outdoor Dogs
MahJong Suite - Playing Cards theme
Playing Cards
MahJong Suite - Shapes theme

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MahJong Suite 2020
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