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Welcome to the MahJong Suite's website!

MahJong Suite is a high-quality collection of MahJong solitaire games.

Each MahJong game has billions of possible shuffles to play, so the game remains fresh no matter how many times you play. Enjoy the detailed statistics of each game with graphs, 3D charts (pies and bars) and tables to estimate your skill level (by total, current session, series of wins and losses, players' games won, players' score, hi-scores...), statistics for All Games, Won games, Not Won games, Over Average, Under Average, Not Played...
For MahJong lovers, MahJong Suite is a guaranteed pleasure. Each of the games is fun and exciting and will keep you entertained for hours. If you like MahJong games, then you'll want to add MahJong Suite to your collection!


MahJong Suite: Play to get the highest score!

More than 165 different layouts!

More than 150 different layouts!

47 beautiful tile sets!43 beautiful tile sets!

50 beautiful tile sets!

Dozens of beautiful backgrounds!

Lots of advanced features, options and statistics!


Customer Satisfaction:

I upgraded my MahJong Suite game today that I purchased from you some time ago, and this is so awesome and it absolutely astonished me. I love mahjong games but yours are the most awesome games I have ever played whether online or on my table. Nobody does mahjong like MahJong Suite. Many thanks. I fell in love with MahJong Suite about 8 years ago and haven't stopped playing it YET. The Mahjong Suite gets ahold of me and I just cannot break away from it... but I don't really try very hard. What an absolutely awesome game mahjong is to play but there are no mahjong games "out there" that are as beautiful as all of yours are. Thanks again for this note, I just LOVE it. Ri Alexander - U.S. More...

MahJong Suite 2013 features 2 collections of professional and exciting games in one!
Play MahJong Solitaire Games Play Matching Games Play MahJong Solitaire Games
Play MahJong Solitaire Games! Play Matching Games! Play MahJong Solitaire Games!

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